About Prints and T-Shirts...

As I am counting 15 years of refining my 3D models I'm offering

now some of my works as decorative art prints and line of T-Shirts.

Amir Glinik - Industrial & Art - www.3d-files.co.il - Harley-Davidson 3D Art 2005 - 2021

If you like this website content I am sure you will like my prints which got some special characteristics...

I have reached very high-quality prints around the Harley-Davidson historical bikes 1903-1980, some of
My models like the 1936-1948 OVH and Flatheads bikes are very close to being considered as full detailed models, 
Made from about 10000 objects... (Ask any of your CAD buddies about the meaning of such figures)

In a world where abstract artists are sometimes getting paid for few colors spots over a canvas, I sure hope for your 
Appreciation through the understanding the effort taken to get down to every nut and bolt. small details like parts hallmark
invisible parts like the Internal parts of engines / Transmissions Speedometers, Electric system wiring, emblems and much more.

Don't let the real look miss led you, everything you see on this website was hand sculpt on the computer and slowly developed
Over more than a decade, the effort is beyond most people imagination... The benefits of this art form Are the ability
To create some special effects which related to the film industry like unusual appearance, materials, environment, Lens effects
And changing the view angle over the models...  with modern 3D Printing technology, printing out a physical model is also possible.

Artistic light exposure prints:

Prints are made using Durst Lambda technology...

A light exposure printing process made on Kodak heavy photographic paper, this half analog process 
adds even more beauty and realism to the appearance of the work, this printing technology is not for the
mass production but more for exhibitions made by Artists designers engineers and photographers,
Prints will not pale and will stay crisp for a lifetime however not suited for outdoor display. I have prints
From 2005 which looks fresh as there first day... The glossy finish means you don't have to 
Put them behind glass, for example, you can use poster board as a backbone and use a thin metal frame. 

Note: Prints contain trademark like tank emblems will be printed in a limited number of copies and will be
signed and numbered on there backside...

T-Shirts printing:

T-Shirts are made using the latest "Kornit" technology which is like ink jet process (Not A Decal) 

The result is the paint becomes part of the cloth.  the "Kornit" cloth printing technology include UV
drying process which causes the color pigments to sink even more into the cloth fibers. The wide color
range of the "Kornit" printing system combined with high-resolution support of 300 dpi enables to achieve
Photorealistic qualities into cloth with a high match to my original work, for the first time you can wear
my works at a T-Shirt price.

Shirts quality are pretty satisfying and selected from the best manufacturers.